— Tutorial: God Tier Wings


God Tier Wings, they make your God Tiers waaaaaay more difficult then they should be, and theres lots of ways to make them. I borrowed a few peoples methods, then branched out to make my own. Here’s how I did it.


  • multi purpose wire
  • some nails and hammer
  • organza fabric (I bought 4 yards to be safe)
  • matching thread
  • a couple tubes of fabric paint and some brushes
  • spray primer and spray paint in your wing color
  • pliers 

To start off before you go shopping you need to figure out the shape. For my first pair (Sollux) I used a computer program to get the dimensions correct and then printed out and pieced together the shape of one wing. For the second pair (Equius) I sketched it out on a large sheet of paper. Figure out how tall and wide you want the wing to be from there and just sketch until it’s good.


Now you know about how large the wing will be so you can tell how much fabric you’ll need. You’ll need enough fabric to cut out four wings shapes. Typically 4-6 yards will give you plenty of room to spare. I tend to buy too much fabric after messing up and running out once.

For the wire I used this.


you can use other wires, but make sure they’re thicker then a coat hanger to give you stability.

Bending the Wire

So now you take your pattern and you get to a spot you can nail on. Every time there’s a bend in the wing you hammer a nail in.



Now unroll that wire (you may need a friend to help you straighten and untwist it). Leave about two feet extra, and start bending the wire to shape at the point where it first hits your shoulders. This extra bit will be used to attach it to your harness. Bend the wire at each of the points using pliers, and try to keep the wire relatively flat. Once you’ve gone all the way around and are back at the shoulder temporarily hook the two ends together, leave an extra foot of wire, and cut the wire off.

Now you have a wire wing outline, but it’s still floppy and wants to bend in on itself. We’re going to add support. Figure out where your wings want to bend in the most. On your pattern draw the curved lines that would strengthen your wing. You can see mine on the pattern piece pictured above. 

Now take your wire, and allowing a few inches extra at each end, measure these lines out. at each connecting point use electrical tape to wrap where the wires meet. DO several nice tight wraps that completely cover where the wire joins. Next cover that joint with some duck tape as smoothly as possible.

Now the same technique is going to apply at the point where the two ends of the wire outline meet at the shoulder. The bottom wire will loop up and over to attach to your harness. The top one will overlap, be wrapped and taped.

If all went well your wing will look like this.image


Using a spray primer coat the wings about two times on each side. I used white primer to make sure I fully coated the green.

Once primed and dried take spray paint in your wing color and fully coat the wings. Each time wait for them to dry then flip it over and hit the other side. After two or three coats my wings were looking good.


So now you have your frame, but no cover. Take your pattern and cut out four copies from the organza fabric. Cut a little outside the pattern to allow for seams.


Now pin all along the outside, but at one end of the wing don’t pin. You need to leave one end open, along with the part that touches your back. This will allow the sock to go over you wire frame.

Now in matching thread, sew up the pinned sides.

imageNow take you wing frame and slip the sock over it, keeping the sock still inside out. the wire may need to bend a little to get the sock on, but it should go. Use pins to hold the open spots closed and get a good feel of how the sock is fitting. Note what spots are loose, pin them and then resew to get the best fit. This make take a few tries.

Once your sure it’s good, flip the sock right side out and put it over the frame. You’re now going to hand sew the open part closed, only leaving a small gap for the attachment wire at the shoulder to come out.


Fold the rough edges inward a bit, and use a slip stitch to close everything up.


EDIT: I forgot to add one last little step. Once the wing is closed up take a needle and do a few little securing stitched in some of the corners or spots where the wire is trying to bend inwards. A few small stitches on the inside right against the edge of the wire will help to keep things in place.


Painting the Design

So now you have beautiful wings, but they look a little plain. Time to paint the design on. Look at your reference material very thoroughly. For Sollux it was mostly just outlines so I had it easy. I used a medium sized brush and just went to town. I used up one large bottle of fabric paint to paint both sides of two wings. I did about two coats, and would’ve liked to do a third coat if I had more time

For Equius we used up 6 or 7 little bottles and wanted to do more, but ran out of time as well.image

Now you have wings, but how do you attach them. onward to the next part of the tutorial, THE HARNESS.

After you make the harness cut that attachment wire to the same length as the tube in the harness. Don’t let it be longer because then it will flop everywhere and not stay up.