— God Tier Wing Harness Tutorial


I’d seen several god tier wing guides, but none with a harness design I really liked. So I made my own based of a back brace my boss had. 


  • 1 3/4’ belting material. Enough to wrap around your waist twice, and over your shoulders twice plus a good bit extra for details. I used 5-6 yards I believe
  • around 1/2 a yard of fleece, or similar material
  • two parachute buckles
  • tubing that fits your wire from your wing

This tutorial is the second half of my wing making tutorial. It works best with that one as it depends on you using wire to make your wings.


First cut a length from belt material that is enough to go around you waist and add a little extra to that to attach the belt buckle. Do this again with a length for your chest.

Stick the belt through the buckle then use a zig-zag stitch to firmly attach the buckle to the belt. Repeat this on both waist and chest belts. Make sure that the rough edge is inside on both belts

Next measure out the distance between these belts. Take that measurement then add the width of both belts to it.

that measurement X the length of the longer belt= the fleece you need to cut out


Attach the fleece to the belts, allowing the fleece to fully go under the belt. This keeps you from having a rough belt rubbing you all day. Sew a strong zig-zag on each side of the belt. Do this on both belts.


(There’s only one buckle in these picture because the store ran out and I didn’t have it when I started. But if you have them they should already be both attached early on.)

Shoulder Straps

Now try on your wide belt. I would suggest using a measuring tape and finding the length of the shoulder straps based on where you want them to lay. This step it VERY important as where the shoulder straps are determines where the wings will lay on you back. Be very sure of where they will lay.

Cut out that length of strapping for the shoulder straps, plus an extra 1/2 inch to fold under on each end. To prevent fraying fold under each end of the strapping and do a quick zig-zag to make a smooth hem Next pin the straps on (this is your last chance to adjust positioning). Sew the strap to the wide belt. I made a little square at each end where it met the belt straps, and then did two lines along the middle section on each edge.image

Now take your tubing and figure out how long you want it to be. I went from the middle of the shoulder blade to the bottom of the waist belt. This is the attachment area for the wing. Make sure it meets in the right spot to get the look you like, and make sure it’ll be long enough to hold the weight of the wing. snip the tube to that length.

Now use a drill to make a tiny hole a little bit up from one end. Place the bottom end of the tube just a little bit up from the bottom (to allow for a seam) and using that hole attach the tube to the harness. This will keep the tube from sliding away when you take the wings on and off.



I unfortunately don’t have a picture for the next step. Take more strapping and get enough to fully cover the entire length of the tube. we don’t want any of it sticking out at all. Finish one end of the strap with a hem. For the bottom end (which we didn’t hem) lay it down so the rough end is touching the bottom of the tube. Sew a zig zag stitch to attach it. Then flip the strap back up so that it is now covering the tube. Pin the sides of it it over the tube, like a little cover, and sew up the sides. Now your tube is all covered up. You want the stitch to be as close to the tube as it can get, without hitting it. VERY snug.

imageNow you have a harness. If the harness needs more support you can add little straps on the back. My wings weren’t sticking up enough, so I took two short lengths and added them between the shoulder straps around my shoulder blades. It provided more support and kept the wings from flopping in.

As a note this will show if you are wearing a very tight shirt. It works best with a shirt with a little give. If you want to show off your curves, you can take the waist in a little bit, but in my case I used the shape it gave me to look more like a boy and eliminate some of my curviness.

With this method you can take your wings on and off, and the attachment point only requires two tiny holes in your shirt.